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The Business of Botox in Australia.

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Hi my names Pete, I am Executive business coach in Melbourne. The business of botox has really taken off in Australia. One of my major clients recently spent $1000 on injections and Fillers in Melbourne. So I have began to start reseraching the phenomena of anti wrinkle injections.

Botox against frown lines

Studies of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that botox frown lines are the best method in anti aging treatment. People, who have attained the age of 30, usually have some signs of aging. This is particularly evident in the eyes, when smiling and laughing, lifting eyebrows. By means of botox injections techniques, women and men receive a smooth face without any risk. However, remember that people over age 65 are not susceptible to change “static” wrinkles, so they would be better to use other procedures.

Going into details about botox frown lines

Botox SydneyBotox is medication of a purified botulinum neurotoxin. Medication helps to block the transmission of nerve impulses to wrinkles, due to what happen smoothing.

Compared with surgical lifting, Botox frown lines is fast, safe and simple method for removing wrinkles.

Plastic surgery botox helps to eliminate wrinkles in the forehead, nose and eyes, corrects the appearance (eyebrows, mouth corners), and eliminates the excessive sweating in the underarm areas, palms and soles. Besides it migraine headaches botox is also well known in medicine.

The first result of the botox frown lines is shown within 10 days, but the maximum effect can be obtained after 3-4 months, while retaining for six months.

Cosmetic procedures are carried out 3-4 times a year.

is Botox a Poison?

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So is Botox a poison or not? There is so little Botox in each injection that it would take a lot to kill you. Yes Botox is poison but like many other commonly used drugs a little can be good for you while a lot can kill you. Botox is injected into the muscle to produce a paralyzing effect, but botox does not actually do anything to the muscle itself. It’s effect is only on the nerves, it blocks the signal from the brain to the muscle nerves, paralyzing the muscle.

Before and AfterIs there an alternative to Botox? Yes there are many great and incredibly effective anti wrinkle cream treatments for wrinkled skin. Most of the alternatives are completely natural and have no side effects. Botox can only be applied to certain areas of the face, throat, neck areas, around the mouth and eyes to name a few. While the Botox alternatives can be applied anywhere.

Botox is a drug derived from Botulinum Toxin A. – A deadly poison produced by Clostridium Botulinum – the bacterium that causes botulism. According to an FDA study injections of Botox can result in the development of fine lines and wrinkles in other areas of the face.


anti wrinkle creamsWrinkles come from a variety of causes. As we age our skin becomes less elastic and does not snap back like it did when we were younger. This results in excess skin in some areas, and combined with fat that over the years has been pulled downward by gravity.

Botox has no direct effect on the wrinkles on the skin, only on the muscles. So you will see the best results if your wrinkles are caused by muscle movement and not by your skin.

Side Effects and Risks

The #1 side effect is droopy eyelid after the botox injection. This happens less than one-half of 1 percent of the time. Some people who have had this anti wrinkle treatment done complain of bruising after their injection. Some patients also complain of headache. All of your concerns should be addressed by the doctor during your initial examination.

Anyone with a neuromuscular disorder should not have Botox injections. Most doctors will not inject women who are pregnant, who are nursing, or who are trying to become pregnant.

Droopy Eyelids usually appear about five days after the injection, and lasts for one and a half weeks. Most patients do not even notice it themselves, and have it pointed out by someone else.

Want to know about about Lip Fillers?

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Botox Vs Anti wrinkle creams. Does Eyebrow Feathering Really work?

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Botox is expensive.


1 area $175. – $500.

2 areas $275. – $600.

3 or more areas $375. – $800.

*incidentally, one (1) vial of BOTOX costs $448.00 (roughly 4 to 5 areas can be treated per vial).

Yes, Botox is a quick fix, but it is not necessarily the best option for you. Botox is very good at what it does and works very well. Nowadays people like immediate results, or “the quick fix”, most people don’t know that there are better all natural alternatives to botox. These other options are a fraction of the cost and are more practical in the long term. I just don’t see it as very practical to go to your doctors office and pay between $175 and $500 dollars for one area. This initial injection will not solve your problem because your body is constantly changing and evolving and finds other muscles to make your wrinkles with. In some cases you will develop other wrinkles that didn’t exist in the first place. Because while one muscle is paralyzed other muscles will develop to take its place. So if you have the money and enjoy being stuck with needles every so often then botox is the answer for you.

botox in sydneyBotox®* has taken the skin care industry by storm, and has yielded visible results for many women and men alike. However, bruising, bleeding, or even infection from Botox®* treatments can be a serious inconvenience for those seeking real anti-wrinkle solutions.

With simple, safe topical application of clinically proven Anti Wrinkle Cream, you can avoid these potential side effects and see real results in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, Wrinkle Creams can be applied to all areas of the face, neck, and body – not just to “crow’s feet” around the eyes.

So What About Eyebrow Feathering AKa Microblading eyebrows.

We spoke to Arli Jade the Microblading eyebrow Specialist in Melbourne.

Hi AJ,

What makes Eyebrow Feathering unique to eyebrow tattooing?


We use a hand held tool to create a hair stroke like effect instead of using block out Tattoo.

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